Layla Karine: Living Life a Day at a Time

Hey, It's Layla. Or the White.Angel.Witch.

Thanks for checking out my blog, it really means a lot to me.

I like to write and draw. I make fandubs with my friends, although I admit I'm not too terribly good. I'm friends with DemonofSeductionPrime and Ewic17.

Also, my advice is to go live life and be an incredible human being. I would like to hope that every person has potential, and even if I don't know you personally, I would like to one day hear of the good you make of yourself in one way or another.

Remember that show “My Life as a Teenage Robot?” Well, I found the original Oh Yeah! Cartoons counterpart. Despite everything, I think Dr. Wakeman scared me the most. Jenny’s cool too, but I like what we got. Art-style wise. Tell me what you think, and reblog if you used to watch this.

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